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19 05 2017

Russian Diaspora in Seychelles celebrates the Day of the Great Victory on May 9, 2017
Far from the Motherland in Seychelles, Russian DIASPORA celebrates and celebrates the Great Victory Day on May 9, 2017. ...

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5 08 2015

International naval biathlon "Caspian Sea - 2015," Makhachkala
Implemented bunkering team members Kazakhstan, international naval biathlon "Caspian Sea - 2015," Makhachkala...

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1 08 2015

Opened office for bunkering in the Seychelles
Opened  office for bunkering  in the Seychelless (Indian Ocean). Bunkering cruise, merchant ships, fishing trawlers, warships. Bunkering container sea transport, South Africa - Persian Gulf...

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29 02 2014

Successfully implemented bunkering at the Olympic Games in Sochi
Successfully implemented bunkering at the Olympic Games in Sochi ...

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11 07 2013

Bunkering of cruise ships at the Olympics in Sochi
Bunkering Company "Aquaoil" begins to take preliminary applications by cruise companies for bunkering passenger ships at the Olympics 2014 in Sochi....

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Documents provided to the contract

The captain will often ask the candidate during an Oral Exam, what precautions while bunkering your vessel, the following should be the answer the candidate gives;

(1) Know how much fuel is needed

(2) Have a man at the fuel intake on the vessel - so he can switch the fuel nozzle off

(3) Close all freeing ports, place cloths around them to prevent fuel going into the harbour

(4) Fit Save-alls, these are very good to prevent fuel going over your deck and going into the harbour (if you don't have a save-all, cut the lid off a 5 gallon oil drum and place this below the breather pipes)

(5) Have oil dispersant ready incase of spillages

(6) Have a foam fire-extinguisher ready in case of a fire

(7) No smoking signs erected

(8) No hot work to be carried out (welding or burning etc)

(9) Hoist code flag "Bravo"

(10) Place a floaty rope from the stem to the stern to catch any spillages

(11) Check the amount of fuel in the tanks often while refueling

(12) When the tanks are nearly full, stop the fuel intake for 2 - 3 minutes to allow the fuel to settle, this will help prevent a blow back of fuel

(13) If allowed, take slightly less fuel than required, the captain might say but wont this allow for FSE, but the fuel tanks are baffled to minimise FSE

(14) Log the amount of fuel taken onboard in the Oil Record Book

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