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19 05 2017

Russian Diaspora in Seychelles celebrates the Day of the Great Victory on May 9, 2017
Far from the Motherland in Seychelles, Russian DIASPORA celebrates and celebrates the Great Victory Day on May 9, 2017. ...

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5 08 2015

International naval biathlon "Caspian Sea - 2015," Makhachkala
Implemented bunkering team members Kazakhstan, international naval biathlon "Caspian Sea - 2015," Makhachkala...

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1 08 2015

Opened office for bunkering in the Seychelles
Opened office for bunkering in the Seychelless (Indian Ocean). Bunkering cruise, merchant ships, fishing trawlers, warships. Bunkering container sea transport, South Africa - Persian Gulf...

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29 02 2014

Successfully implemented bunkering at the Olympic Games in Sochi
Successfully implemented bunkering at the Olympic Games in Sochi ...

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11 07 2013

Bunkering of cruise ships at the Olympics in Sochi
Bunkering Company "Aquaoil" begins to take preliminary applications by cruise companies for bunkering passenger ships at the Olympics 2014 in Sochi....

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Heads of the organizations to whom the captain Flint would send a black label:

1. RechTransVolga (N-Novgorod) Director Egors, debt 33000$, Condalaksha, TurnuSeverin. Criminal case is got.
2. "PEK-TUR" (Samara) Director Toroshchin, dept 95000$, "D.Furmanov", "N.Gastello". Criminal case is got.
3. Academ Flot (Samara) Director Vejner, the debt was 9 months, "Professor Lukachev".
4. Russian travellers (Cherepovets) Director Shilov, the debt was 6 months, "D.Pozharsky".
5. CaspRibFlot (Astrakhan) Director Izmaylov, the debt was 8 months, SR - 5.
6. Avizejra (Moscow) the debt was 6 months, ST.
7. MoryacPatrichAustralia (Sydney) the debt was 11 months 90000$, "Patrick".
8. The Bahama Cruises (of Nassau) the debt was 6 months 250000$, Kajcos.
9. Lalemont (Antverpent) the debt was 8 months 210000 Euros, Zebrugee.
10. VSM the Navigator (Burgas) the debt was 9 months 127000 Euros, Varna".
11. A southern City (Hong Kong) the debt was 127000$, "Bali-breeze".
12. BecaStim (Panama) the debt 8 months 158000$, CBRoad.
13. MihaiNavmagMarin (Constance) the debt was 1 year 128000 Euros, Posejdon Breila.

Heads of the organisations with whom the captain Flint would drink rum:

1.Port of Togliatti
2. Port Samara
3. Port Cherepovets
4. Port Astrakhan
5. Port Novorossijsk
6. Port St.-Petersburg
7. Port Odessa
8. Port Kerch
9. Port Baku
10. "RechBunker"
11. Navigable company "Maerck", Hapag Lloyd, EveerGreen
12. Maritime Bulletin
13. Worldbunker.com
14. PortNews.ru
15. SeaNews.ru
16. Mmarket.ru
17. Oilcapital.ru
18. Korabel.ru
19. Fuel Market
20. ShipsSupply
21. Arctic Shiping Company
22. Novorossisk Shiping Company
23. SovComFlot
24. Murmansk Shiping Company
25. Norilsk Nickel
26. UkrFairy
27. KazMorTransFlot
28. PrimeShipping

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